Release Stress and Blockages to Experience Balance

I provide guidance and a safe space for you to connect and experience the truth within your heart that is waiting to be free.

Healing through engaging the senses with Biofield Therapy, Inner Guidance, Ayurveda, Hearth Opening Meditations, Body Products, and Ceremony’s to raise your Vibration.

  • Emotional, Mental, and Inner Connection
  • Cultivating Self-Love
  • Liberating Body, Mind, & Soul

I can assist you in raising your vibration, expanding your consciousness, and feel more at peace in your body.

My goal is for you to feel confident in your own skin and with all of who you are.

Inner Journey Work/Guidance

This session allows you the opportunity to connect with your truth within, release what’s holding you back, and open space for something new while providing you tools to have a smoother flow with  the challenges of daily life. This gives you the opportunity to meet life’s challenges with a new consciousness, while supporting you as whole person so your inspiration can blossom, spiritual healing can happen, and transformation unfold. *Available via Phone or Skype

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Heart Opening Meditation Experience

Enjoy the transforming energy of the crystal singing bowls while I guide you on a journey to connect a little deeper within and transform and raise your vibration. One on one or for your private group.

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Biofield Therapy

This session is intended to clear, calm, and restore your energy centers using a combination of energy clearing techniques, crystals, sound therapy, essential oils, and inner work to connect to your emotional landscape.

$150 for 60min/$180 for 90minLearn More

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Enjoy a journey through your senses with the heart opening medicine of Sacred Cacao.

Cacao “aka Theobroma” translating as “food of the God’s” from Greek centers and grounds us while opening our hearts meeting us where we are at.

Some of the benefits of Cacao are:

  • Opens us to a healthy flow of eroticism into our lives.
  • Improves blood flow to the heart and brain reducing anxiety.
  • Has many properties one of them phenylethylamine which science has shown us that micro amounts of this are released when we are in love
  • Enhances connection with the Soul/Higher Self
  • Facilitates the integration of “understood” knowledge into deeper embodied wisdom
  • Connects right and left brain hemispheres
  • Supports multi-dimensional focus with less fatigue
  • Balances feminine and masculine energies in the body
  • Nourishes the subtle body systems and higher dimensional bodies
  • Cacao medicine also helps break apart resistance and allows us to be more open and receptive to the gifts that life is offering.

We will be drinking a Cacao beverage. Anti-Depressants containing tryptophan and MAO inhibitors are contra-indicated for Cacao. Also if you have serious heart conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding Cacao is not recommended.


$300 for 2 hours (min) $80 for each additional hour.

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None of these teachings or sessions are meant to diagnose or treat any medical conditions and they are not meant to replace the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions rather to compliment your current care by a licensed medical profession and get you back on the path of living a loving stress free life.