Products for your body to shift and raise your vibration

Purposeful gifts from Nature for the energetic and physical bodies to enhance your well-being, clear your energy, raise your vibration, help you feel more alive and healthy, and feel a little more loved and appreciated.

These Products are made to order and can be customized for you and/or your loved one’s needs with the intention of bringing more Peace, Health, and Joy to your day and a deeper connection with your body.

All products are responsibly sourced and strictly plant-derived gifts from Mother Nature customized to balance you.

May we all return to enjoying and appreciating a more intimate relationship with Nature, along with each other.

Love Your Body Protection Sprays

Spritzers to shift your Vibration

(2oz) $8 or (4oz) $15 + tax

Spray before a massage or while you’re in a bath or after a hot shower! Spray onto your skin, clothes, bed, or house for a blissful aromatherapy experience!

Choose from……..or try all 5:

  • Meditation Spray
  • Love My Lungs Spray
  • I Love Joy Spray
  • Mental Clarity Spray
  • Blissful Sleep Spray

A nice easy way to change the vibration of your body and space.

(Distilled Moon Water, Witch Hazel, Essential Oil Blend based on your needs & Crystals)

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Love My Lung Sniffer

$10 + tax

Open your lungs,  breathe deeper, and clear your sinuses with the power of Mother Nature and her essential oils in the easy sniffer tube. A gift to your respiratory system that is easy to use at any time.

Choose from……..or try all 5:

  • I Love My Lungs Sniffer
  • Blissful Sleep Sniffer
  • Relax and Smile Sniffer
  • Mental Clarity Sniffer
  • Nausea be Gone Sniffer

Great addition to your breathing exercises. Regular use of essential oils for the respiratory system is a valuable practice for all of us.

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Roll On’s to shift your mood

$12.00 + tax

Choose from a blend of essential/herbal oils in a roll-on form……a great way to shift your mood on the go:

Choose from……..or try all 5:

  • Meditation Roll-On
  • Love My Lungs Roll-On
  • Relax and Smile Roll-On
  • Mental Clarity Roll-On
  • Calm my Nerves Roll-On

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Sacred Energy Clearing Kit

$25 + tax

An ancient form of clearing and blessing. Smudging is an easy yet powerful way to cleanse the energetic noise in your energy field, space, or object and set an intention for what you have given an energetic bath. Everything is considered sacred and who doesn’t want a little clearer vibration within and around them?!

(sage wand, abalone shell, 3 Palo Santo Sticks, 4 selenite sticks, & Instructions)

Sage & Palo Santo bundle

$12.00 + Tax

Single Sage wand and 3  Palo Santo sticks to bathe the energy in what you are cleansing and raise its vibration. Sage is a beautiful purifier and Palo Santo hugs us with joy and gives us a sense of grounding.

Herbal Lung Love Tea (4oz)

15.00 + tax

The herbs blended into this tea help keep the lungs strong and open while calming the mind and building immunity. Great for your Fall wellness routine.

A cup of healing Love for the Lungs using nature’s healing gifts.



Love Your Body Body Butters

Balms to soften and nurture

25.00-35.00 + tax

Balms are a nice was to soften our skin with an additional therapeutic treat.

Choose from:

  • Lung Love Balm
  • Ease my Pain Balm
  • Blissful Sleep Balm
  • Calm and Soften Balm
  • Belly Soother Balm

Handmade with natural oils, butters, and essential oils these nutritive body balms give you soft and silky skin.

Love Your Body Nasya Oil

Nasya Oil

(2oz) $8 + tax

The nose is the direct route to the brain and also the doorway to consciousness. Healthy uncongested breathing is important. When we have an excess of fluids accumulating in the sinuses, throat, or head, it is best to eliminate them through the nose. Herbally infused oil, Nasya, help in this cleaning process.

Nasya oil is soothing and protective to the nasal passages while helping to relieve sinus congestion. Daily nasal lubrication helps relieve tension in the head and accumulated stress.

(Herbal-infused oil & Essential oils)

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