Inner Journey Experiences 


Biofield Therapy Experience

Biofield Therapy or “Energy Work” are terms to describe modalities that work with our Astral body. Our Astral body is the field of energy surrounding our physical body. Just like our physical body we want our Astral (Energetic Body) clean and functioning in a healthy state.

This experience is an organic one mixed with a variety of Biofield Therapy modalities Vanessa has studied. She may use one modality like Holy Fire Reiki or Seraphim Blueprint or she may include a little breathwork and some tuning fork sound vibrations. Vanessa’s goal is to allow you an experience of what Biofield Therapy/Energy Work feels like and the effects it has on you.

The frequencies are the blueprints for all that us, it is time we build an intimate relationship with what makes us uniquely us. Getting to know how the frequencies work can help us get to the root of some of our imbalances.

We are all vibrating to our own unique frequency. Tuning in to and understanding the frequency within and around us come from awareness and experience, a muscle to build. Give your Self an experience for greater awareness, and to at least understand what people talk about when the say “Energy Work” or Biofield Therapy”


Crystal Bowl Heart Opening Meditation Experience

This is a natural, safe, and loving way for you to build some intimacy with your heart while calming and repairing the nervous system allowing you to feel safer in your body and raise your vibration.

Bringing awareness to our bodies, deepening our breath, and expanding our feeling bodies through meditation and the crystal alchemy bowls give us the opportunity to be more present; they allow us to tune in to our inner world, feel safer in our bodies, and reconnect with our truths.

When we feel safe in our bodies we function with more confidence and clarity making choices that are in our best interest. Deepening our connection with our body and feelings allow us to have greater discernment with the vibrations flowing in and around us.

Our bodies are temples for our souls that act as tuning forks continually sending and receiving signals, tune into your awareness of them and the gifts and understandings they offer.Get in touch with the love in your heart and take control of yours. When are vibrations change so to does our life. You are the medicine.

What to bring: Your fabulous Self your welcome to bring a blanket, eye pillow, neck pillow, or something special to you that you like to meditate with if you wish.


 The above experiences are also available for your private booking. Please email: for inquires.