Massage is a type of mediation as it gives us an opportunity to connect to our bodies, calm the mind, and go within creating a meditative space. When we are in a calm and centered space we have the opportunity to connect a little deeper to that inner world we may be neglecting throughout our busy days. This allows our bodies and minds some time to rejuvenate and feel safe with us again giving us more confidence and awareness in our thoughts and actions, allowing them to come from a more heart centered place.


Love yourself enough to take out for yourself celebrating you with some self-care…..self-love.

A calm centered body also allows us to see and hear our thoughts more clearly. Become aware of your thoughts and hear which ones you focus on, we can always make a change tell your mind what are hearts want.

Meditating into the body allows us the connect to the feeling body surrounding us that transforms into the physical. Our body is a tuning fork constantly sending and receiving vibrations the getting to know the feeling body allows us to better understand these signals. Feel your body, it loves you enough to put up with all that you and never lies. Think about all of the functions your body does without you it needing you to say thank you, acknowledge it, or take the time to truly be with it.

Think about how you really treat and talk to your body……….how does that make you fell? Your body loves you take time to give it some love back and commune with it! It has experienced and witnessed all whether you chose to or not.


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