An emotion is a physiological experience (or state of awareness) that gives you information about the world and a feeling is your conscious awareness of that emotion. Neurologist Antonio Damasio defines emotions as actions requiring neurological programs. How beautiful is it that you get to decide which action to take with it?
When we’re emotionally unaware an unfelt emotion can careen around inside us like a hyperactive pinball.
The neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman at UCLA has done some interesting research on emotion recognition finding that if you can simply name a troubling emotion you can calm yourself and your brain down. Lieberman’s research suggests that there is a healthy link between having emotions, feeling emotions, and cognitively identifying emotions.
Emotions are physiological signals of what’s going on in your world. Emotions are simply data; you are the interpreter of that data and how you interpret and work with your emotions determines whether the outcome is rational or not.
Emotional stimuli can be anything that evokes an emotion, including your own thoughts. Emotions tell you that something is coming up and that something can include your own behavior thoughts you entertain.
Emotions have evolved over millions of years to help you become a successful social primate who understands and responds appropriately to the world around you.
You can evoke an emotion simply by changing your facial expression or your posture. Emotions give you information that something is going on, but it’s up to you to figure out what that something might be. It might be that your anger or depression is being evoked by the fact that you’re slumping and frowning without being aware that you are!

Tune in to that magical tuning fork of a body your soul is experiencing life in, see what the emotions are offering you, and feel into the beauty of being able to feel and transform in the safety and understanding of the blossoming Self.
Try this practice:
Call in different emotions and journal how each emotion makes you feel.

Do you feel any similarities?

Do any unresolved issues come up to be felt?
Doing this exercise can help us as emotions are triggered in us building a relationship with our meanings, illusions, and powers behind them.
We are tuning forks. Ask for your body’s response when deciding.
There is no such thing as a bad experience. Feeling what we might define as negative emotions are no better or worse than feeling what we define as positive emotions. Remember emotions are just signals to us from our inner intelligence that something needs to be recognized.

Thank you for taking the time to experience you!
May you enjoy your ripple effect

Loving vibes,

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