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10min Holy Fire Reiki Healing with Seraphim Blueprint

This short yet effective healing session helps you open and clear your energies with the energy of Holy Fire Reiki and the Seraphim angels.

The Holy fire Reiki is called in to create a more receptive state by removing lower vibrations in the physical body, aura, and chakra’s, it also helps you in releasing any blocks you choose.

The Seraphim Blueprint offers room for spiritual evolution, enhancing well-being, while also accelerating spiritual growth towards enlightenment. The Seraphim act as an energy conduit or conductor aligning all forms of life force energy to flow freely strengthening our immune system and kidneys.

The Seraphim channel creates a secure space for channeling and targeting your intentions. Purifying the energy that is transmitted through it. It’s used in this session as a divine harmonizer.

Energy is never destroyed only transformed, as the ever so wise Einstein taught us. We have choices, we can stay and marinate in the vibrations that are no longer serving us making them more powerful and rooted in our core or we can take the time to graduate from them and move into a new high vibration offering us new experiences our soul is desiring.

You can use this session to assist you in:

Empower goals
Removing blocks (if we are not achieving our goals we may have a block)
Seeing and working to overcome the conditions your blocks may have created.
Opening up to your heart and feeling center
Or anything else your intuition may guide you to work on/with at the moment
It’s important that you are willing and open to make the changes in perception, attitude, and life that may be needed to nurture the change(s) you are guiding yourSelf to make.

The outcome is just as great as your intention, focus, awareness, and desire to surrender to (& get to know) your inner knowing-ness. When we take the time to ground and clear our energies we can see things from a deeper perspective, see how we are blocking our journey, what we are allowing ourselves to be trapped in, and open up to our passion and inspiration.

You are the director of your life I am just assisting you with clearing your energy so that you can do so with more grace, peace, awareness, and ease. Your intention holds a great deal of power.

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