Feeling stressed? Here are a few techniques that may help:

Get a relaxing massage or energy session: A nice calming massage or energy clearing session can bring you into greater harmony with your body and self, calming the mind which then relaxes the body. Be aware that a relaxing massage can lower blood pressure while a deep tissue/trigger point massage can increase it. Deep tissue and trigger point work unblock the flow of blood through the muscles by releasing the knots that are stopping the flow therefore increasing your blood pressure………kind of like when you get a kink out of a hose that is running the pressure increases. A relaxing massage like cranio sacral, light/restorative strokes, Ayurvedic massage techniques, reflexology, energy work, Thai Massage (passive stretching), and sound healing all calm the nervous system stimulating better blood flow and a calmer mind.

Journal and Meditation

Try taking a few moments to write down everything that is making you feel stressed (after smudging yourself to clear your space and self).

  1. Sit or lie down in a comfortable meditation pose and take a few deep breaths becoming fully aware of your body and the earth beneath you with gratitude for her support.
  2. Do a mental full body scan, checking in and relaxing every part of your body, from your head to the bottom of your feet, your organs, and every cell in your body. If you feel drawn to touch each body part thanking it for the gifts it gives you. Give thanks to yourself and your body for what it offers you.
  3. Imagine a cord connecting you to the earth and one connecting you to the universe.
  4. Imagine a healing light coming up from the earth filling your entire body with love, light, and nurturing healing. Being grateful for the earth’s energy and support.
  5. Now Imagine a golden light coming in from the top of your head bathing your entire body with this loving light from above.
  6. Appreciate the healing power of this light from the universe.
  7. Spend a few moments in this light from the earth and the universe while connecting to your breath and enjoying just Be-ing.
  8. Give yourself a nice little stretch, take a few deep breaths, and write down any solutions, inspirations, or thoughts that may have come to you for the problems that you list.
  9. Then enjoy your and thank your Self knowing that you can find your moments of peace and you do have the solutions to whatever is put in front of you.

Forward bending stretches

Forward bending stretches are calming and soothing to the nervous system, guide you to a deeper internal awareness, and open the entire backside of the body. Seated forward bends increase circulation to the lower limbs and wash the brain with fresh oxygen and blood. These are easy and can be done pretty much anywhere.


Simply tune into your breathing. In a comfortable position relax your body, face, jaw, shoulders, buttocks, hands, and feet while having a straight spine.

  1. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly taking a few moments to get familiar with your breath. Feel how your breath expands and condenses the whole body.
  2. Notice the pauses between inhalations and exhalations.
  3. Start making your breaths deeper breathing in first to the abdomen, ribs, and upper chest. Pause. Exhale abdomen, ribs, upper chest. Pause. Repeat.
  4. Get in touch with the wave of your breath. Inhale your joy and exhale your impurities.

Some herbal teas, herbs, essential oils, eating habits, exercises, laughter, spiritual tantrums, time in nature, and doing things for yourself that bring you closer to you so you can love yourself a little more can also reduce stress levels.

When the mind wanders, the mind is unsteady, but when the breath is still, so sit the mind still.

– Hatha Yoga Pradipika

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