Self-Oil Massage “Abhyanga”

In Sanskrit, the name for oil is “Sneha” which is also the word for love.

Daily self-oil massage is an offering of loving practice to your body. After some practice you may find you connecting a little more with your body and accepting yourself where you are.

Try to work Abhyanga (Self oil massage) into your schedule at least once a week to see how this small act offers a powerful change that makes a difference in how you feel.

While doing Abhyanga I invite you to acknowledge your body parts as you are offering them oil. Let your body know you see, feel, love, and appreciate it for being the vehicle that allows you to move through and experience life. Talk to your body, it is yours and you are in charge of carrying for it.

Your body relies on you so if you need to offer it an a apology for neglecting it please do…… may be waiting for you to give it some attention.

For a stronger effect commit to doing abhyanga every day for just one week even if it’s just to see what happens.

The Ayurvedic Instructions for Self Oil Massage:

1. Warm your oil in a bowl of hot water or in an oil warmer. Make sure it’s not too hot!

2. Make sure your room is warm, I use my bathroom.

3. Massage oil gently into your body, starting with your neck and moving down. Use long strokes on your muscles and circular strokes on your joints. Massage your abdomen slowly in a clockwise direction from your right hip up to underneath your ribcage on the right, toward the center, and across to the left side. Continue down the body to your feet.

4. Allow the oil to soak into your body for 10-15 minutes.

5. Traditionally Ayurveda says to Hop into a hot shower, I tend to be drier so prefer to apply the oil after my shower some choose to do before and after……find what works best for you.

Want to add a little more love? Try dry brushing before your shower. Read more…….

Please remember your skin is the largest organ of your body – it absorbs the elements, qualities, and chemicals of every product you apply to your body, give it products that will nurture and support your body and mind.


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