Neti and Nasya are part of Ayurveda’s daily care regime and make a perfect pair to help keep the sinuses open, nourished, and the mind calm.

Dry sinuses are easily irritated by pollutants, pollen and dry air resulting in excess reactive mucus production and an endless cycle of congestion and post nasal drip. Neti is a nasal irrigation technique that uses saline to decrease nasal secretions and rinse and de-congest the sinuses.

Nasya is the administration of herbalized nasal drops into the nostrils to cleanse, lubricate, purify and repair the sinuses while calming the mind.

The Ayurvedic instructions for using a Neti

Neti is done with a saline or salt water solution, this can be drying to the skin and dehydrate the delicate nasal mucosa if not followed with lubricating Nasya.

  • Prepare a saline solution of 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized salt ( I prefer Himalayan Salt) into one cup of sterile warm water and place in your Neti pot. Mucus membranes are sensitive if you experience a slight burning sensation in your nasal passage then decrease the amount of salt.
  • Stand over the bathroom sink or while in the shower, tilt your head slightly to one side and let the saline solution flow from the Neti pot into the upper nostril, creating a good seal. Do not swallow during the procedure as it could cause infectious material to move from the nasal passage into the sinuses or the ear. Breathe through your mouth.
  • Allow the solution to drain from your nose out the opposite lower nostril. As the solution runs out of your nostril, you can blow gently to help remove any mucus and waste materials that are in your nasal passageway.
  • Repeat for each nostril.
  • When finished, bend at the waist and forcefully exhale through both nostrils for a final cleanse.
  • Repeat daily for 2 weeks until sinus congestion resolves. Then use as needed.
  • Be sure to thoroughly clean your Neti pot before and after each use.


The Ayurvedic instructions for Nasya

Nasya is considered one of the most powerful therapies in Ayurvedic medicine as it is reported to also have beneficial effects on memory, mind and emotional health.

Nasya is best done immediately after Neti. Use a properly prepared Nasya Oil.

  • Warm the Nasya Oil by putting the whole bottle in a cup of hot water.
  • Tip head back as far as possible and exhale fully. If you like, you can lay on the edge of a bed or sofa. Drop 2-4 four drops of oil in each nostril and sniff the oil into the sinuses. Start with 2 drops and increase if comfortable.
  • Use daily for two weeks after Neti for sinus congestion and as needed thereafter.

Important Notes:

  • Best done on an empty stomach.
  • Avoid just before bed to prevent dripping into the larynx.
  • It’s normal to taste the oil in the back of the mouth or to have some oil drip out of your nose for a minute or two after wards.
  • Please be careful and cautious while preforming this.
  • Nasya nor Neti is not indicated for children under 13.

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