Vanessa uses ancient tools in modern times and chats with us about what it means to be a healer and messenger of love for the physical, mental, and emotional Selves. If you have a fear of the unknown, the idea of revealing your true gifts scares you, or the idea of befriending and working with old wounds from the past intrigues you then this episode is for you.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to determine what is intuition and what fear is…
  • Why telling yourself stories is keeping you stuck in your story…
  • How meditation can help you clarify and get clear on your journey
  • There is always something to gain from tragedy and how to see that
  • Why compassion should be just as important as anything and finding compassion within yourself

Posted in: Ayurveda, Biofield Therapies, Sivananda Yoga, Spiritual Guidance

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