It may be warm here in Vegas however we are still in the heart of winter. Part of winter’s cycle is one of going within and letting what needs to die die so life can be reborn again with the new the seeds we plant in spring. Look to nature you’ll see it happening.

Allow the season of winter to do its job with you. It is coming face to face with many of us. Trust me I know it is not easy to face things and let go of what is toxic for us……….and it can be quite painful to acknowledge that we are being treated a certain why by those that claim to smile in our face and care about us. Yet, no matter how long or short it or they have been with us, it is freeing to have the clarity to say “No this stops NOW”. Stop allowing yourSelf to be abused in any form.

At times we feel sadness from the things we have to say goodbye to. Do notice though, that mixed in between the fear of respecting our own boundaries and the response we may receive, there is a part of us that feels freed by respecting ourSelves and our boundaries. Our bodies will become more relaxed since tension is now released and we have opened up space. Our hearts may even cry a bittersweet farewell. Having an open space can feel pretty foreign too and may try and disguise itself as loneliness or something else however it is far from that, it is an openness for newness.

Be brave enough to Trust that what we are being guided to saying goodbye to this winter is opening us up for something far greater. It can very well be a graduation from not loving yourSelf and having your boundaries disrespected. Meditate on it and then celebrate your heart.

Respect and be aware of the boundaries that others have put on you too………..their way and space is to be just as loved and respected since they are a creation of love and have their own journey. However, their journey does not have to infiltrate yours and you have a right to claim your boundaries not letting it in your space. If others are comfortable in their toxicity let them be and do not let it flow into you. Love yourself enough to protect YOU while respecting yourSelf and them…….let them be for even the blind are not really blind to truth.

When we turn to allowing the truth to be revealed and open ourselves to being honest with ourselves we will have no choice to notice when someone shows us disrespects us, our body will more than let us know. We are all tuning forks, tune into your truth and if something doesn’t feel right don’t ignore it, that is the start of dis-ease. Be true to yourSelf. Ask the questions you have. I know that can be hard however if we are not true to ourselves how will we know when someone is not being true to us.

Why work so hard at trying to be what we are not………it is not our true Self so we will never truly be what we are not. Turn to accepting yourSelf where you are and meeting yourSelf where you are at. If you strive to open up to being who you are then look at what you can start letting go of what is false and what you can start opening up to, practicing, or studying that will blossom you into YOU.

Do you believe what you have been told that equates to success? Are you driven by ego and money? Or are you following that truth in your heart and being brave enough to be yourSelf offering that blessing to the world in your own unique form. We can make this a beautiful colorful world of love, truth, integrity, compassion, and respect that we can share together by being true to love.

As it has been said by the ancients “Love is your nature, why resist what you really are”. Resistance creates tension and it is hard for things to flow in tense spaces. You can feel it in your body it is held there waiting for us to relax and release it so we can rest into truth and love. It is time to free ourselves from the tensions of lies, veils, deception, and illusion that we have allowed ourSelves to believe (whether created by are own minds or things we believed from the outside world) so we can feel free and flexible to flow with the winds of chaos, change, and even the ones of beauty with more grace, flexibility, truth, and easy.

Be true to yourSelf and who you are, that will set you free. And if someone wants to spend time with you claim your space and make sure they are truly coming from a place of love and respect……..if they are not why do You want to spend time with them? If there is no respect sooner or later there will be a broken heart.

We are part of nature, flow with her and her cycles…… when we flow into spring we have fresh new seeds of love to plant for the summer months to nourish, fall to harvest, and for winter to come again. A phoenix needs ashes to rise. The more we love ourselves the more our bodies will feel safe, we regain confidence, we no longer need outside things or people to experience love, we don’t concern ourSelves with what others are doing rather accept and hold space as needed, and we can give love.

Experience how self-love and acceptance truly does heal us…… is a very powerful vibration.


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