Vanessa’s services are my gift to myself to remind me regularly to love my body. Every other week is a reminder to start anew. Inevitably, life gets in the way and I forget to breathe, stretch, or be mindful. Every kink and knot in my body has a name or situation wrapped up ever so tightly. I don’t need to tell her where they are or even about them…she gently kneads them out and as they unravel, so seems to go the associated trouble. She drives away evil and negativity with her drums and her singing bowls sing deeply to my soul. I walk away from each session refreshed, renewed, and energetic. I am restored and ready to take on another two weeks. She is a precious present to myself that I cherish.


A massage can be and should be more than a rubbing experience. A massage can truly be a form of meditation that when combined with other traditional relaxation techniques helps relax and heal the body in many different ways. But taking a massage beyond the rubbing experience is truly an art form of which Vanessa has mastered in many different ways. From her use of different massage techniques using specialized massage oils and from her use of sounds and vibrations during a massage session you will find yourself seeking the deepest experiences that a massage experience has to offer.


Thanks so much for the cacao experience. It was truly beneficial for me and it was definitely the most powerful thing i have ever participated in to prepare myself for transitioning into a new year. It gave me the tools necessary to open myself up to the growth i am seeking as i move into a new chapter of my life. I feel it has opened me up to the possibilities of my future and prepared me for that next phase of my journey. It was so profound that i feel everyone should experience a cacao ceremony at least once to not only foster an inner examination of one’s self, but also propel them forward in their experience to take advantage of all the gifts of the universe.

Thanks again! 🙂
Beth S

Just experienced Thai Vibrational Bliss with Vanessa Johnson of Love Your Body Holistic Healing. My first time having Shirodhara oil treatment. LOVED EVERY SECOND!

Carole C

You are truly a prize in my history as a teacher.

You have become such a lovely being of love and light. I am proud and honored to have been part of your journey.

Judi Garcia

After a year of seeing chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists for sciatica, with no success, a friend recommended Vanessa.  From the first visit I experienced relief, and after just a couple of visits, I was pain free.  Since then Vanessa has been working with me and my wife on yoga and massage, and has become a family friend.  She is truly gifted and a blessing in our lives.

Kathy Scheafer

The first time I used Vanessa’s services it was for a massage. After that first time with her, I wanted to know more about what else she does.  I was so impressed with her intuition about my body.  I asked her to incorporate some of her other services on me, she explained to me a lot about all the healing work that she is trained in.  Since then, our “regular” massage has incorporated such things as reiki, meditation,thai massage, seraphim blueprint, drumming, and  akashic readings.

Vanessa carries so much knowledge about the healing therapies that she offers.  I always feel safe and physically better after a session with Vanessa.

Vanessa wears many different hats, so to speak, which is perfect, because our lives (and needs) are constantly changing.
I have called upon Vanessa for deep tissue massages and energy work when I’m physically aching.
Oracle card readings have helped when I’m searching for guidance in making decisions or plans.
When we put our house up for sale, and moved into our new home, she “smudged” them by cleansing and harmonizing the spaces with Sage.
She’s also made me personalized healing lotions, calming candles, and even custom jewelry.
Vanessa’s passion for helping her clients live their best life is genuine and palpable. You can’t help but walk away feeling like a better version of yourself.
Jillian P

Shirodahara is not only a wonderful experience but also a treatment giving you fantastic, long term wellness results. Combing with a sublime massage, aromatherapy, energy work, and deep relaxation…..ah.  Removes stress and all tensions in your body, giving you an enormous boost of energy. You feel relaxed and calm but also powerful and simply happy. In addition you receive the spa treatment for your hair. I highly recommended for everybody, you need to try and I promise you will fall in love with Shirodahara.

Aga of Galaxy Pilates

I went to Vanessa for my regular massage and she asked if I would like to add a Shirodhara treatment while there. It was an amazing experience. While the warm oil dripped on my forehead a deep sense of relaxation and mental clarity came over my body. I have never felt so relaxed and calm. When my appointment ended that marvelous calm feeling continued into the evening giving me an amazing nights sleep. I highly recommend everyone trying it at least one time. I already have my next treatment scheduled.
Thank you Vanessa for sharing all you have learned with us.