Vanessa Johnson Holistic Healer at Pond

Having been fascinated by nature and spirituality since an early age, Vanessa has chosen a life to study and share this wisdom to help you navigate your inner and outer world.

Vanessa began working with Empath Judi Garcia at age 19, along with practicing yoga, developing her own herbal potions, and inner work – embarking on her lifetime quest to understand herself and to touch the lives of others. In January of 2003 the company Vanessa was working for began to close, so she took the opportunity to move to San Diego, where she enrolled in the Holistic Health Practitioner program at Body Mind College.

Since then Vanessa has embraced her purpose as a healer and messenger of love for the physical, mental, and emotional Selves. She began her new journey as a Massage Therapist at the Aquae Sulis Spa in the JW Marriott Las Vegas in April of 2005, then shortly after opened her own practice.

Vanessa Johnson Holistic Healing
With an unwavering commitment to add to her repertoire and build on her professional experience, Vanessa is continually learning and improving her practice. She has pursued advanced training in Ayurvedic Health, Sivananda Yoga training, Shamanism, Integrative Herbology, Ayurvedic Aromatherapy, Biofield Therapies, and other forms of spiritual healing and bodywork.

Vanessa has been blessed to have studied and worked with many amazing teachers across the last two decades. She specializes in her own personal interests to give you a unique experience understanding that you are unique in who you are.

As an enthusiastic advocate and practitioner of Shamanism, Biofield Therapies, & Ayurveda, Vanessa has been able to gain a deeper understanding of herself, life, energy, and our connection to frequencies. She feels that the elements are how we understand life, and the senses are how we enjoy and experience it. She actualizes her philosophy through her work and does so with refreshing honesty, light-heartedness, and compassion, which stem from her own journey of growth and connection to Self.

Vanessa’s goal is to share with you the ancient tools that she has practiced and studied while bringing them into present day assisting you in unfolding the Love, Truth, and Wisdom inside of you that is waiting to be expressed. She is here to hold space for you while you unravel the truth within that is rising to the surface to be healed, loved, and integrated.

You deserve to feel more at peace, confident, and aware with the truth of who you are, living a life with more Self Love, Awareness and Compassion. The knowledge, wisdom, and experience Vanessa has acquired over the years of practice and study provide a nurturing and safe way for you to unravel into the truth of who you are, being free and true in your unique Self-Expression.