Vanessa Johnson Holistic Healer at Pond

Vanessa will assist you in unfolding the Love, Truth, and Wisdom inside of you that is waiting to be expressed. She is here to hold space for you while you unravel the truth within that is rising to the surface to be healed, loved, and integrated.

Nature, the celestial realm, and spirituality have been passionate interests for Vanessa since an early age. She has spent a good amount of her life embracing, studying, and healing with and through some of the ancient wisdoms of our world and experiencing how to apply them to benefit us in the world we live in today. Vanessa has passion and is dedicated to helping you accept, love, and navigate your inner and outer world.

Vanessa Johnson Holistic HealingShamanism, Biofield Therapies, & Ayurveda have been some of the most influential modalities in Vanessa’s life. They have given her the gift of unraveling and healing gaining a deeper understanding of herself, life, energy, and our connection to the frequencies. The elements are how we understand life, and the senses are how we enjoy and experience it. Vanessa actualizes her philosophy through her work and does so with refreshing honesty, light-heartedness, and compassion, which stem from her own journey of growth and connection to Self.

You deserve to feel more at peace, confident, and aware with the truth of who you are, living a life with more Self Love, Awareness, Integrity, Truth, and Compassion. The knowledge, wisdom, and experience Vanessa has acquired over the years through her practice, studies, own self-growth, and life experiences provide a nurturing and safe way for you to unravel into the truth of who you are, being free and true to fully enjoy your unique Self-Expression.

When we feel confident in our body and with all of who we are we lift the veil to see and experience life’s loving beautiful flow with more compassion, strength, and greater purpose. – Vanessa